We help businesses discover, design, and deliver ever better ways to inspire employee engagement and change to accomplish higher business performance. A core product is the Engaging ideas card pack.

About the pack

The Engaging ideas card pack provides practical exercises and ideas designed to help better inspire employee engagement and change to deliver higher business performance.

It is not a “best practice” guide. It is a practical toolkit — employee engagement and change inspiration “in a box.”

It comprises 54 cards split into three suites — discover, design and deliver — along with a booklet providing contextual information. The face of each card describes a single exercise or idea, and the back of each card provides stimuli designed to inspire fresh thinking and to kick-start action.

Using the pack

Inspirational in its content and potent in its practical bias, you can use the pack with specificity or with scale: to develop peoples’ thinking, to enhance your change efforts, as content for workshops and conferences, to help design and deliver a compelling engagement strategy — and much more.

Above all, you can use the pack to do what we have designed it to do: get people better engaged on the issue of engagement.

We can help further to support your engagement and change efforts through our consultancy and implementation services.